A brief Overview

May 7 2014 - Just finished work on Tlt Custom Liners, LLC website.

Added a few new recipes to the Yepidiz Family Recipe Book. The blog is up and running.

Gave Darvertackle a face lift, changed the layout and updated all of the info.

Added a recipe database and also a Blog to the family area. Jan 20 2014 - Got the new layout for yepidiz finished. Added some more security to the contact form and also added captcha to ward of the bots.

Jan 1 2014 - Putting the finishing touches on the new Homes in Tri-Cities WA website. I Will be running tests on all of the forms/pages and databases. It should be fully functional within the next few weeks.

Am also going through and cleaning up Yepidiz.com. Launching a new layout for it as well.I've added a different photo album so that will be getting updated as soon as weather permits.

Getting ready for a great Christmas with my kids and the rest of the family.

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