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Most of the graphics are free to use. Send me an email first to verify. Read the Copyright for this site.

Our family pages

Family Home
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American Eagle
American Eagle
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A few things worth a mention. Most of these design practices should be avoided at all costs. A few are tolerable if used in moderation. This page is based on personal attitude and research.

Things to avoid - big bads

Not responding to emails - This is the fastest way to loose a visitor/customer.


Slow pages - not everyone has a fast ISP connection or a blazing CPU

Long Pages - that go on and on and ... and I got lost

Broken Links - missing internal site pages or dead external site links

Updates - never changing or adding new info and content

Music, Plugins, Flash intros - can annoy people and may cause them to leave

Popup or Popunder windows - this is just a plain rude and obnoxious attribute

Too many ads - if your site is for a newspaper flier, go ahead

Major Typos - spell check and have a few people proofread it

Little/No text - 20 pics and 1 paragraph is fine for an archive or a photo album

Acceptable use notes

Moderately Longish Pages are only okay if the visitor knows and is prepared. If you can make a long page why not split it up into several? Then give the visitor the choice to click the link or not.

Music, Plugins, Flash intros, and such are typically very annoying. If they serve a function or pertain to the website, give your visitors a choice to use them or not. If they start up when the page is loaded, and somewhere on the page is the off button, that is not a choice.


Winter Woolies - Summer Sleekness

Client websites

Darver Tackle Shop
Tucannon River
RV Park

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WWW Consortium
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On a side note

Check out the new Photo Center. We have several photo albums that you can browse or you can send an ecard.