A brief Overview

Your website should reflect your company and the way you do business. By working closely with you on the design layout a customized website, featuring your products and/or services, suited for the clientele you want to reach, can be created.

The first step is determining your target market or the clients you want to reach. The second is for you to define exactly what the purpose of your website will be. Once these steps are accomplished, we have the basic outline for your website.

Now that we have our outline we have to decide on the page structure. When considering the structure of your website bear in mind most visitors don't like long pages. Gather all of your resources together and group them in categories. This will determine how many pages you will most likely need and help us with the next step.

It's time for the CONTENT. This includes everything you want on your pages.
1. Text - grab a notepad and start writing (use your company brochures, etc.)
2. Graphics - logos, brochures, photos (make sure they are high quality)
3. Colors and style - coordinate with those of your business, (consistency)
Finally we can pull it all together ...


If you haven't gotten a Domain Name or Hosting account yet, you'll need to do that now. You can do that here or wherever you choose. You'll also need to train or hire someone to manage the site for you. A site does you no good if it isn't maintained.

I am happy to assist you in this process. The services I offer and their prices are listed here. If you have any questions you can contact me by email.


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